Terms & Conditions

Terms & Conditions

Updated February, 2017.


Failure to abide by the terms may result in your listing being removed and your account suspended or permanently banned.

All listings must be approved before they will be displayed.
Listings will be approved within 24 hours.
Note: Updates/changes to listings will also require approval.

Posting Rules.
You must comply with the following rules when creating a listing:

1. Title. The title you of your listing should be limited to the specific item or items offered for sale.

2. Location. The location should be the city and state where your item is located.

3. Price. The price field on each listing must be the total selling price of the item, meaning the price a person is expected to pay at the time of purchase. You may list additional payment information (such as monthly payments allowed, etc…) in the listing detail field. We do not allow auction style listings. *SERVICE listings also require a price.

4. Category. Use the category that best fits your listing. You may select multiple categories if they apply to your listing. If the category selected does not apply to the item or items you are selling, you listing will not be approved.

5. Contact Information. A valid email address is required to post. You may also wish to use your phone number as well. All contact will be strictly between the buyer and seller. Use caution when interacting with potential buyers and remember that if at any time something looks like it’s too good to be true, it probably is.

6. Description. All listings must be in good taste and may not contain any objectionable content. All listings must be for items that are permitted under Utah law. You are responsible for the content of your listing. Links to external websites are not permitted. Linking to a similar or new item on the Interlink Supply or Aramsco website is allowed.

As a reminder, Interlink Supply and Aramsco does not represent or warrant that any listings will result in a successful response or transaction. You should acknowledge that the Interlink Supply Classifieds website may not be accessible at all times, including during periods when a listing is scheduled for display. You use the Interlink Supply Classifieds website at your own risk and without recourse to Interlink Supply and Aramsco if your listing does not appear as scheduled, regardless of reason. Interlink Supply and Aramsco does not warrant that the Interlink Supply Classifieds website will operate error-free or that the Interlink Supply and Aramsco’s servers are free from computer viruses or other harmful mechanisms. Interlink Supply and Aramsco is not responsible for servicing or replacing any equipment or data from the use of the Interlink Supply Classifieds website. The Interlink Supply Classifieds website is provided as is, without any warranties of any kind. Interlink Supply and Aramsco disclaims all warranties, whether express or implied, including the warranty of merchantability, fitness for a particular purpose and non-infringement.